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The signing of the MoU was carried out by Mulawarman University (UNMUL) with PT. Indah Karya (Persero)

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was carried out by Mulawarman University (UNMUL) with PT. Indah Karya (Persero) at the UNMUL HUB Building. Monday (25/07). As a form of technical cooperation agreement, at the same time, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (FT), Ir. Muhammad Dahlan Balfas, ST., MT., IPU also signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the President Director of PT. Indah Karya, Ir. Muhammad Sapri Pamulu, M.Eng., Ph.D. In addition, this activity also held a Public Lecture with the theme "Challenges of Engineering in the World of Work" delivered by the President Director of PT. Beautiful Works. The Dean of FT UNMUL, just before the public lecture started, said that the resource persons were exemplary figures in the academic field and practicality of specifications regarding construction management, so they could discuss many things during the general lecture session. “I also hope that on this occasion the Director can also share knowledge about academics and tips in student activities. Hopefully this activity will provide the best benefits for UNMUL and PT. Beautiful work," he explained. Representing the Chancellor of UNMUL, Dr. Ir. Encik Akhmad Syaifudin.,MP emphasized that UNMUL as a Public Service Agency has a target of Key Performance Indicators (IKU). This IKU, said the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni Affairs, must be implemented as part of the Independent Campus Independent Learning Program or MBKM. “Among the various pillars of this MBKM, there are student internship activities. Even in this internship program, UNMUL has collaborated with several state-owned companies through the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI) and the Faculty of Engineering which was the first to welcome the Certified Student Internship Program. Through this process, students gain off-campus experience in accordance with their field," he explained. Thus, he explained, high appreciation is given for the implementation of this activity because it will create collaborations with partners to achieve KPI. Especially after the ceremonial signing, it is hoped that this collaboration can immediately support progress for both parties. “Especially useful for UNMUL graduates. To the ladies and gentlemen, please read this General Lecture carefully," he asked. Before filling the public lecture, the President Director of PT. Indah Karya, M.Sapri Pamulu, PhD, said that the company he leads is a state-owned company engaged in Human Resource Management (HR) and Construction. "In addition to serving in the field of construction and other engineering, we are also present in the field of management, such as ISO certification," he explained. UNMUL's position as the largest State University in East Kalimantan, admitted by the alumni of Hasanuddin University, encouraged his party to immediately carry out cooperation which was confirmed by an agreement in the form of an MoU and MoA. Moreover, PT. Indah Karya is also currently getting a project assignment in the area of ​​the National Capital of the Archipelago. “We want to explore profiling activities for students as human resources at IKN. Not only at the Faculty of Engineering, but later it can develop into other faculties at UNMUL. We really hope for further cooperation in the future, especially those related to IKN. We want the IKN development scheme to involve the community," he said. Contextually, he also wants institutional involvement, for example the role of campuses, community elements and so on. "These are some of our reasons to immediately cooperate with UNMUL," he said. Meanwhile, in the presentation session, the IKN Infrastructure Development Financing Scheme through Government Cooperation with Business Entities became the main title of the public lecture.